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No. 121. 16-Aug-2019
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Harvest Mass Management Scheme Order 2019

I, Richard Sellers, in my capacity as Commissioner of Main Roads, hereby make an Order for the modification of mass requirements, under section 33, of the Road Traffic (Vehicles) Act 2012.

1. Revocation of previous notices

The Harvest Mass Management Scheme Order 2018, issued by the Commissioner of Main Roads under the Road Traffic (Vehicles) Act 2012, is revoked.

2. Citation

This is the Harvest Mass Management Scheme Order 2019.

3. Commencement and duration

This Order has effect on the first day of October each year and ceases to have effect on the last day of February the following year.

4. Interpretation

In this Order, unless the contrary intention appears—

Business Rules means the document, as amended from time to time, entitled Harvest Mass Management Business Rulespublished on the Main Roads website.

HMMS means the Harvest Mass Management Scheme.

Grain Receiver means a person who accepts grain deliveries, at one or more sites, for the purpose of storage and handling and who is registered with the Commissioner of Main Roads for the purposes of the HMMS.

Main Roads Website means the website maintained by the Commissioner of Main Roads.

5. Application

This Order applies to a vehicle that is—

(a) registered with a Grain Receiver for the purposes of the HMMS;

(b) being operated in accordance with the Business Rules; and

(c) being used to transport grain from a paddock directly to a Grain Receiver accepting the particular type of grain being transported.

6. Modification of mass requirements

The modified mass requirement specified in the Business Rules is approved for a vehicle to which this Order applies, subject to the conditions specified in the Business Rules.

7. Access approval

(1) A vehicle to which this Order applies is approved to operate on the corresponding RAV Network applying to the vehicle under the—

(a) Prime Mover, Trailers Combinations Order 2017;

(b) Truck, Trailers Combinations Order 2017;

(c) Tri Drive Prime Mover, Trailer Combinations Period Permit; or

(d) Tri Drive Truck, Trailer Combinations Period Permit.

(2) In addition to sub-clause (1), a vehicle may also operate on a road approved under a Main Roads permit that has been issued to allow individual access to that vehicle.

Dated: 9 August 2019.

RICHARD SELLERS, Commissioner of Main Roads.

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