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No. 51. 29-Mar-2011
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Water Services Licensing Act 1995

Water Services Licensing (Tropical Forestry Services Ltd) Exemption Order 2011

Made by the Governor in Executive Council under section 19 of the Act.

1. Citation

This order is the Water Services Licensing (Tropical Forestry Services Ltd) Exemption Order 2011.

2. Commencement

This order comes into operation as follows —

(a) clauses 1 and 2 — on the day on which this order is published in the Gazette;

(b) the rest of the order — on the day after that day.

3. Terms used

In this order —

investor means a person who has purchased a tree farming interest in Kingston Rest;

Kingston Rest means the property of Kingston Rest being King Locations 338, 339, 340, 341, 342, 343, 344, 346 and 347 on Plan 211515, Great Northern Highway in Kununurra, within the Ord River Controlled Area (Irrigation Services) constituted by the Ord River Controlled Area (Irrigation Services) Order 1996;

Tropical Forestry Services Ltd means Tropical Forestry Services Ltd (ACN 093 330 977).

4. Exemption

Tropical Forestry Services Ltd is exempt from the requirement under section 18 of the Act to hold an operating licence (irrigation services) in respect of the supply of non-potable water to land in Kingston Rest if —

(a) the water is being supplied to investors for irrigation purposes; and

(b) there is no charge to the investors for the water.

By Command of the Governor,

PETER CONRAN, Clerk of the Executive Council.


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