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Aboriginal Affairs Planning Authority Act 1972
Aboriginal Affairs Planning Authority Amendment Act 2012
Aboriginal Communities Act 1979
Aboriginal Heritage Act 1972
Aboriginal Housing Legislation Amendment Act 2010
Acts Amendment And Repeal (Competition Policy) Act 2003
Acts Amendment And Repeal (Courts And Legal Practice) Act 2003
Acts Amendment (Australian Datum) Act 2000
Acts Amendment (Consent To Medical Treatment) Act 2008
Acts Amendment (Court Of Appeal) Act 2004
Acts Amendment (Equality Of Status) Act 2003
Acts Amendment (Fair Trading) Act 2010
Acts Amendment (Family And Domestic Violence) Act 2004
Acts Amendment (Icwa) Act 1996
Acts Amendment (Justice) Act 2008
Acts Amendment (Lesbian And Gay Law Reform) Act 2002
Acts Amendment (Student Guilds And Associations) Act 2002
Administration Act 1903
Adoption Act 1994
Adoption Amendment Act 2012
Adoption Amendment Act (No. 2) 2003
Aerial Spraying Control Act 1966
Agent General Act 1895
Agricultural And Veterinary Chemicals (Western Australia) Act 1995
Agricultural Practices (Disputes) Act 1995
Agricultural Produce Commission Act 1988
Agricultural Produce (Chemical Residues) Act 1983
Agricultural Products Act 1929
Agriculture Act 1988
Agriculture And Related Resources Protection Act 1976
Agriculture And Related Resources Protection Amendment Act 2010
Agriculture Protection Board Act 1950
Alcohol And Drug Authority Act 1974
Alcohol And Drug Authority Amendment Act 2015
Alcohol And Other Drugs Act 1974
Alteration Of Statutory Designations Act 1974
Anatomy Act 1930
Animal Resources Authority Act 1981
Animal Welfare Act 2002
Anti-Corruption Commission Act 1988
Anzac Day Act 1960
Anzac Day Amendment Act 2016
Approvals And Related Reforms (No. 1) (Environment) Act 2010
Approvals And Related Reforms (No. 2) (Mining) Act 2010
Approvals And Related Reforms (No. 3) (Crown Land) Act 2010
Approvals And Related Reforms (No. 4) (Planning) Act 2010
Aquatic Resources Management Act 2016
Architects Act 1921
Architects Act 2004
Armadale Redevelopment Act 2001
Arson Legislation Amendment Act 2009
Artificial Breeding Of Stock Act 1965
Art Gallery Act 1959
Associations Incorporation Act 1987 (Wa)(Ci)
Associations Incorporation Act 1987 (Wa)(Cki)
Associations Incorporation Act 1987
Associations Incorporation Act 2015
Associations Incorporation Amendment (Transfer Of Incorporation) Act 2010
Associations Incorporation Reform Act 2012 (Vic)
Auction Sales Act 1973
Australian Crime Commission (Western Australia) Act 2004
Australia Act 1986
Bail Act 1982
Bail Amendment Act 2008
Bail Amendment (Persons Linked To Terrorism) Act 2019
Bank Of Western Australia Act 1995
Bank Of Western Australia Amendment Act 2012
Barrow Island Act 2003
Beekeepers Act 1963
Betting And Racing Legislation Amendment Act 2006
Betting Control Act 1954
Betting Tax Assessment Act 2018
Bills Of Sale Act 1899
Biodiversity Conservation Act 2016
Biological Control Amendment Act 2016
Biosecurity And Agriculture Management Act 2007
Biosecurity And Agriculture Management (Repeal And Consequential Provisions) Act 2007
Births Deaths And Marriages Registration Act 1998
Botanic Gardens And Parks Authority Act 1998
Builders Registration Act 1939
Building Act 2011
Building Amendment Act 2012
Building And Construction Industry Training Fund And Levy Collection Act 1990
Building And Construction Industry Training Levy Act 1990
Building Services (Complaint Resolution And Administration) Act 2011
Building Services (Registration) Act 2011
Bulk Handling Act 1967
Bush Fires Act 1954
Bush Fires Amendment Act 2009
Bush Fires Amendment Act 2016
Business Names Act 1962
Business Tax Review (Assessment) Act (No. 2) 2003
Business Tax Review (Taxing) Act (No. 2) 2003
Cannabis Control Act 2003
Cannabis Law Reform Act 2010
Caravan Parks And Camping Grounds Act 1995
Carbon Rights Act 2003
Carers Recognition Act 2004
Casino Control Act 1984
Casino (Burswood Island) Agreement Act 1985
Cattle Industry Compensation Act 1965
Cat Act 2011
Cemeteries Act 1986 (Wa) (Ci)
Cemeteries Act 1986
Censorship Act 1996
Censorship Amendment Act 2003
Censorship Amendment Act 2006
Charitable Collections Act 1946
Charitable Trusts Act 1962
Chattel Securities Act 1987
Chemistry Centre (Wa) Act 2007
Chicken Meat Industry Act 1977
Childrens Court Act 1988
Childrens Court Of Western Australia Act 1988
Children And Community Services Act 2004
Children And Community Services Amendment Act 2010
Children And Community Services Amendment (Reporting Sexual Abuse Of Children) Act 2008
Children And Community Services Legislation Amendment And Repeal Act 2015
Child Care Services Act 2007
Child Care Services Amendment Act 2011
Child Pornography And Exploitation Material And Classification Legislation Amendment Act 2010
Child Support (Adoption Of Laws) Act 1990
Child Welfare Act 1947
Chiropractors Act 1964
Chiropractors Act 2005
Christmas Island Act 1958
City Of Fremantle And Town Of East Fremantle Trust Funds Act 1961
Civil Judgments Enforcement Act 2004
Civil Liability Act 2002
Civil Liability Amendment Act 2003
Civil Liability Legislation Amendment (Child Sexual Abuse Actions) Act 2018
Classification (Publications Films And Computer Games) Enforcement Act 1996
Co-Operatives Act 2009 (Cki)
Co-Operatives Act 2009
Co-Operatives Amendment Act 2016
Co-Operative And Provident Societies Act 1903
Co-Operative Schemes (Administrative Actions) Act 2001
Coal Industry Superannuation Act 1989
Coal Industry Superannuation Amendment Act 2013
Coal Miners Welfare Act 1947
Cocos (Keeling) Islands Act 1955
Collie Coal (Griffin) Agreement Act 1979
Combat Sports Act 1987
Commercial Arbitration Act 2012
Commercial Tenancy (Retail Shops) Agreements Act 1985
Commercial Tenancy (Retail Shops) Agreements Amendment Act 2011
Commissioner For Children And Young People Act 2006
Commonwealth Electoral Act 1918
Commonwealth Heads Of Government Meeting (Special Powers) Act 2011
Commonwealth Places (Mirror Taxes) Act 1998 (Commonwealth)
Commonwealth Places (Mirror Taxes Administration) Act 1999
Community Protection (Offender Reporting) Act 2004
Community Protection (Offender Reporting) Amendment Act 2012
Community Protection (Offender Reporting) Amendment Act (No. 2) 2012
Community Services Act 1972
Community Titles Act 2018
Companies (Co-Operative) Act 1943
Competition And Consumer Act 2010
Competition Policy Reform (Western Australia) Act 1996
Conservation And Land Management Act 1984
Conservation And Land Management Amendment Act 2015
Conservation Legislation Amendment Act 2011
Constitution Acts Amendment Act 1899
Constitution Act 1889
Construction Contracts Act 2004
Construction Industry Portable Paid Long Service Leave Act 1985
Consumer Affairs Act 1971
Consumer Credit (Western Australia) Act 1996
Consumer Credit (Western Australia) Amendment Act 2001
Consumer Credit (Western Australia) Amendment Act 2003
Consumer Protection Legislation Amendment Act 2014
Consumer Protection Legislation Amendment Act 2019
Consumer Protection Legislation Amendment And Repeal Act 2006
Contaminated Sites Act 2003
Control Of Vehicles (Off-Road Areas) Act 1978
Copyright Act 1968
Coroners Act 1996
Corporations Act 2001 (Commonwealth)
Corporations Act 2001
Corporations Law
Corporations (Ancillary Provisions) Act 2001
Corporations (Ancillary Provisions) Act 2004
Corporations (Commonwealth Powers) Act 2001
Corporations (Consequential Amendments) Act (No. 3) 2003
Corruption And Crime Commission Act 2003
Corruption And Crime Commission Amendment And Repeal Act 2003
Corruption And Crime Commission Amendment (Misconduct) Act 2014
Corruption Crime And Misconduct Act 2003
Corruption Crime And Misconduct And Criminal Property Confiscation Amendment Act 2018
Country Areas Water Supply Act 1947
Country High School Hostels Authority Act 1960
Country Housing Act 1998
Country Towns Sewerage Act 1948
Courts And Tribunals (Electronic Processes Facilitation) Act 2013
Courts Legislation Amendment Act 2012
Courts Legislation Amendment And Repeal Act 2004
Court Jurisdiction Legislation Amendment Act 2018
Court Security And Custodial Services Act 1999
Credit Act 1984
Credit (Administration) Act 1984
Credit (Commonwealth Powers) Act 2010
Credit (Commonwealth Powers) (Transitional And Consequential Provisions) Act 2010
Cremation Act 1929
Crimes At Sea Act 2000
Criminal And Found Property Disposal Act 2006
Criminal Appeals Act 2004
Criminal Appeals Amendment (Double Jeopardy) Act 2012
Criminal Code Act Compilation Act 1913
Criminal Code Amendment (Cyber Predators) Act 2006
Criminal Code Amendment (Graffiti) Act 2009
Criminal Code Amendment (Identity Crime) Act 2010
Criminal Code Amendment (Infringement Notices) Act 2011
Criminal Code Amendment (Unlawful Possession) Act 2014
Criminal Injuries Compensation Act 2003
Criminal Investigation Act 2006
Criminal Investigation Amendment Act 2014
Criminal Investigation (Consequential Provisions) Act 2006
Criminal Investigation (Covert Powers) Act 2012
Criminal Investigation (Extra-Territorial Offences) Act 1987
Criminal Investigation (Identifying People) Act 2002
Criminal Investigation (Identifying People) Amendment Act 2013
Criminal Law Amendment (Criminal Property) Act 2004
Criminal Law Amendment (Home Burglary And Other Offences) Act 2015
Criminal Law Amendment (Homicide) Act 2008
Criminal Law Amendment (Intimate Images) Act 2019
Criminal Law Amendment (Out-Of-Control Gatherings) Act 2012
Criminal Law Amendment (Sexual Assault And Other Matters) Act 2004
Criminal Law Amendment (Simple Offences) Act 2004
Criminal Law And Evidence Amendment Act 2008
Criminal Law (Mentally Impaired Accused) Act 1996
Criminal Law (Procedure) Amendment Act 2002
Criminal Organisations Control Act 2012
Criminal Procedure Act 2004
Criminal Procedure And Appeals (Consequential And Other Provisions) Act 2004
Criminal Property Confiscation Act 2000
Cross-Border Justice Act 2008
Curriculum Council Act 1997
Curriculum Council Amendment Act 2011
Curtin University Act 1966
Curtin University Of Technology Act 1966
Custodial Legislation (Officers Discipline) Amendment Act 2014
Dairy Industry And Herd Improvement Legislation Repeal Act 2000
Dampier To Bunbury Pipeline Act 1997
Dangerous Goods Safety Act 2004
Dangerous Goods (Transport) Act 1998
Dangerous Sexual Offenders Act 2006
Dangerous Sexual Offenders Amendment Act 2012
Dangerous Sexual Offenders Legislation Amendment Act 2016
Dangerous Sexual Offenders Legislation Amendment Act 2017
Daylight Saving Act 2006
Debits Tax Assessment Act 2002
Debt Collectors Licensing Act 1964
Declarations And Attestations Act 1913
Declared Places (Mentally Impaired Accused) Act 2015
Defamation Act 2005
Dental Act 1939
Dental Prosthetists Act 1985
Deputy Governor's Powers Act 1911
Diamond (Argyle Diamond Mines Joint Venture) Agreement Act 1981
Director Of Public Prosecutions Act 1991
Disability Services Act 1993
Disability Services Amendment Act 2004
Disability Services Amendment Act 2012
Disposal Of Uncollected Goods Act 1970
Disposal Of Uncollected Goods Amendment Act 2016
District Court Of Western Australia Act 1969
Dividing Fences Act 1961
Dog Act 1976
Dog Amendment Act 2013
Domestic Violence Orders (National Recognition) Act 2017
Door To Door Trading Act 1987
Duties Act 2008
East Perth Redevelopment Act 1991
Economic Regulation Authority Act 2003
Edith Cowan University Act 1984
Education And Care Services National Law (Wa) Act 2012
Education Service Providers (Full Fee Overseas Students) Registration Act 1991
Election Of Senators Act 1903
Electoral Act 1907
Electoral Amendment Act 2008
Electoral Amendment Act 2012
Electoral Amendment Act 2016
Electoral Amendment (Miscellaneous) Act 2009
Electoral And Constitution Amendment Act 2011
Electoral Distribution Act 1947
Electoral Legislation Amendment Act 2006
Electricity Act 1945
Electricity Amendment Act 1996
Electricity Corporations Act 2005
Electricity Corporations Amendment Act 2013
Electricity Corporation Act 1994
Electricity Industry Act 2004
Electricity Legislation Amendment Act 2004
Electricity Transmission And Distribution Systems (Access) Act 1994
Electronic Conveyancing Act 2014
Electronic Transactions Act 2003
Electronic Transactions Act 2011
Emergency Management Act 2005
Employers Indemnity Policies (Premium Rates) Act 1990
Employers Indemnity Supplementation Fund Act 1980