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No. 193. 22-Dec-2015
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Exemption of Robe River Mining Co Pty Ltd for the provision of a non-potable water service in Wickham

In accordance with section 7 of the Water Services Act 2012, the Hon Mia Davies MLA, Minister for Water, has granted an exemption from the application of section 5(1) of the Act to Robe River Mining Co Pty Ltd for the provision of a non-potable water service in Wickham.

The Water Corporation will supply Robe River Mining Co Pty Ltd with tertiary treated wastewater produced at the Wickham Wastewater Treatment Plant, which includes the Tertiary Treatment Plant, which is owned by the Water Corporation. This arrangement will be governed by a commercial agreement.

The exempted water service involves the on-supply of treated wastewater by Robe River Mining Co Pty Ltd to third parties located in the Wickham township. The quantity supplied will equate to the amount (if any) that is surplus to Robe River Mining Co Pty Ltd's own requirements. The wastewater will be provided to third parties for the purpose of non-agricultural irrigation only.

The exemption will come into effect on the day it is published in the Government Gazette and is valid for an indefinite period.

Summary of the reasons for the decision

Granting this exemption is not contrary to the public interest. It is considered that--

• The risk of Robe River Mining Co Pty Ltd exploiting its monopoly power, in respect to the provision of this service, is low. The service is operated on a not-for-profit basis, for the benefit of the community.

• The regulatory burden imposed by the licensing of this water service would be disproportionately high given the small scale of the service.

• The service will reduce reliance on scheme water.

• The public health and environmental aspects of this service are regulated under the Health Act 1911 and the Environmental Protection Act 1986, respectively.

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