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No. 190. 18-Dec-2015
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Part 13--Towed Agricultural Vehicles

Exemption Notice--RTA-2015-200762

1. Purpose of Exemption

I, Reece Waldock, the Chief Executive Officer of the Department of Transport, acting pursuant to regulation 462 of the Road Traffic (Vehicles) Regulations 2014 (“the Regulations”) enable certain Towed Agricultural Vehicles that do not exceed the dimensions set out in Clause 3 below, to operate without the need for pilot vehicles, by hereby exempting those vehicles from the provisions of the Regulations set out in Clause 4 below, subject to compliance with the conditions in Clause 5 below.

2. Interpretation

In this notice--

Agricultural Combination” has the same meaning as in the Road Traffic (Vehicles) Regulations 2014.

Agricultural Implement” means a vehicle without its own motive power, or an attachment to a vehicle, purpose built to perform agricultural tasks.

Tow” means to attach an agricultural implement to a motor vehicle by means of a mechanical coupling and use the motor vehicle to haul the combination.

3. Vehicles to which this Notice applies

This Notice applies only to a towed Agricultural Implement or Agricultural Combination that--

(a) does not exceed 7.5 metres in width; and

(b) does not exceed 30 metres in length; and

(c) is operating within the Shire of Wyndham--East Kimberley, Western Australia on one of the roads, or specified part of a road, set out in Appendix 1.

4. The Regulations

(a) Regulation 444 (1)(b), which requires the combination to be preceded by a pilot vehicle and followed by an escort vehicle.

(b) Regulation 443(a), which restricts the use of a flashing amber light on a towing vehicle.

5. Conditions

A vehicle to which this Notice applies shall comply with all the other provisions of the Regulations, together with the following additional conditions--

(a) 2 flashing amber lights are to be positioned symmetrically on each side at or near the rear of the rearmost agricultural implement of the combination, each with its outer edge not more than 200mm from the nearer lateral extremity of the agricultural implement; and

(b) The flashing amber lights shall comply with the requirements of Regulation 433 of the Regulations; and

(c) The flashing amber lights shall operate whenever the combination is used on the roads referred to in clause 3(c); and

(d) In addition to the requirements of Regulation 444 of the Regulations, any towing vehicle operating under this exemption must be fitted with left and right external rear view mirrors.

6. Commencement

This Notice has effect on the day after the day of publication of this Notice in the Government Gazette.

7. Expiry

This Notice expires 5 years after the date of commencement.

This instrument is to be known as RTA-2015-200762

Dated the 30th day of November 2015.

R. WALDOCK, Chief Executive Officer, Department of Transport.


APPENDIX 1--Specified Roads

Ord River Irrigation Area--Stage 1


Description where only part of road

Arawodi Road


Carlton Hill Road


Drovers Road


Durack Drive


Farm Hill Road


Ivanhoe Road


Jabiru Road


Mills Road


Mulligans Lagoon Road


Old Darwin Road


Oolrui Road


Packsaddle Road


Research Station Road


River Farm Road


Stock Route Road


Weaber Plain Road

From 3km south of its intersection with Mills Road to its northern end

Weero Road


Whimbrel Road


Yamandil Road


Ord River Irrigation Area--Stage 2


Description where only part of road

Jandami Lane

Up to Western Australia / Northern Territory Border

Minjiljirrga Lane


Moonamang Road


Wooljim Lane


Ord River Irrigation Area--Stage 2


Description where only part of road

Mantini Road


West Bank Road


Valentine Spring Road


Parry Creek Road


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