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No. 155. 30-Aug-2016
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Entry of places in the Register of Heritage Places

Permanent Registrations

Notice is hereby given in accordance with Section 51(2) of the Heritage of Western Australia Act 1990 that, pursuant to a direction from the Minister for Heritage, the places described below have been entered in the Register of Heritage Places on a permanent basis with effect from today.

Attunga Flats, Subiaco at 103 Thomas Street, Subiaco; Lot 136 on DP 352 being the whole of the land in C/T V 169 F 71.

Captain Stirling Hotel, Nedlands at 80 Stirling Hwy, Nedlands; Ptn of Lot 1 on D 43486 being pt of the land contained in C/T V 2214 F 526 as to the ptn labelled 'M' on IODP 408582.

Railway Rock Catchment Dam Group, Yilgarn within the Shire of Yilgarn; Ptn of Lot 844 on DP 214654 being pt of R 28291 and pt of the land in CLT V 3061 F 92; Ptn of Lot 500 on DP 64413 being pt of R 3229 and pt of the land in CLT V 3157 F 92; Lot 501 on DP 64413 being R 50460 and the whole of the land in CLT V 3157 F 93; Ptn of Vacant Crown Land; together as shown on HC Curtilage Map P25378-0

GRAEME GAMMIE, Executive Director, Department of the State Heritage Office Bairds Building, 491 Wellington Street Perth WA 6000.

Dated 30 August 2016.


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