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Assistance with Searching

Searching the Agency legislation pages can be performed 2 ways ...

By Individual Category
While browsing a particular category, you will notice a "search this category" link at the bottom right corner of the legislation list for that category. The subsequent search screen will perform a search on the titles within that particular category ONLY. This will be reflected in the heading at the top of the search screen, which will show the category name.

By ALL Categories
At any time, you can click on the "search" option in the toolbar, located at the top and bottom of the screen, to perform a search on ALL categories (ie all titles on the agency legislation page). This will also be reflected in the heading at the top of the search screen.

Search Criteria
Searching the Acts and/or Subsidiary Legislation listed can be performed checking the appropriate "Acts" , "Subsidiary Legislation" and/or "Acts as Passed" boxes.

The text search criteria can be performed by;

"Exact Phrase" Search returns all occurrences of the extact phrase enetered, in that order, with no words in between

"All of the Words" Search returns all occurrences of the words, regardless of where they appear, as long as they appear on the same page.

"Any of the Words" Search returns all occurrences of either word in the criteria, regardless of which order they appear.

"Without the Words" Example, You require all documents that refer to the Chief Executive, but not Chief Executive in Council. Therfore, you would enter "Chief Executive" in the All of the words field and "in Council" in the without the words field .

Historical (Point in Time) Facility
This option allows you to select a date or point in time. The search will return all titles up to that particular point in time or date.

NOTE: Clicking on the title name from the search results page will display the current title. To view the point in time title, you need to select one of the download option formats, ie PDF, WORD or HTML icons on the right hand side.