The Government of Western Australia

Subsidiary legislation ceased

'E' List of subsidiary legislation titles

(Titles listed in red are ceased)
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East Perth Redevelopment (Subtracted Area - Stage 2) Regulations 20116 Sep 2011 p. 3653-5PDFWordHTML
East Perth Redevelopment (Subtracted Area - Stage 3) Regulations 201116 Dec 2011 p. 5334-7PDFWordHTML
East Perth Redevelopment (Subtracted Area) Regulations 200225 Jan 2002 p. 463-71PDFWordHTML
East Perth Redevelopment Regulations 199230 Jun 1992 p. 2870-3PDFWordHTML
Eastern Goldfields Transport Board Regulations 198923 Jun 1989 p. 1813PDFWordHTML
Economic Regulation Authority (Gas Pipelines Access Funding) Regulations 200329 Dec 2003 p. 5675-89PDFWordHTML
Economic Regulation Authority (Transitional) Regulations 200330 Dec 2003 p. 5731-3PDFWordHTML
Education Regulations 196026 Jul 1960 p. 2225-97PDFWordHTML
Egg Grading and Packing Code 19898 Dec 1989 p. 4495-7PDFWordHTML
Electricity (Energy Efficiency Labelling) Regulations 199718 Apr 1997 p. 1959-61PDFWordHTML
Electricity (Supply Standards and System Safety) Regulations 20017 Dec 2001 p. 6221-73PDFWordHTML
Electricity Corporation (Charges) By-laws 199625 Jun 1996 p. 2875-98PDFWordHTML
Electricity Corporations (Competition Laws Authorisation) Regulations 201328 Jun 2013 p. 2748-9PDFWordHTML
Electricity Distribution Access (Regional Systems) Order 19983 Nov 1998 p. 6076PDFWordHTML
Electricity Distribution Access (Renewable Energy) Order 200029 Sep 2000 p. 5568-9PDFWordHTML
Electricity Distribution Access Order 19983 Nov 1998 p. 6075-6PDFWordHTML
Electricity Distribution Access Order 20017 Dec 2001 p. 6183-5PDFWordHTML
Electricity Distribution Access Order 200318 Jul 2003 p. 2843-4PDFWordHTML
Electricity Distribution Access Order 200631 Mar 2006 p. 1160-1PDFWordHTML
Electricity Industry (Caravan Park Fees and Charges) Regulations 200429 Oct 2004 p. 4929-31PDFWordHTML
Electricity Industry (Licensing Fees) Regulations 20057 Jan 2005 p. 61-4PDFWordHTML
Electricity Industry (Wholesale Market) Regulations 200422 Jun 2004 p. 2169-77PDFWordHTML
Electricity Referee and Dispute Resolution Regulations 19971 Jul 1997 p. 3297-334PDFWordHTML
Electronic Transactions Regulations 20032 May 2003 p. 1496-7PDFWordHTML
Emergency Provisions (Ammonia Unloading) Regulations 198919 Sep 1989 p. 3447-52PDFWordHTML
Employers' Indemnity Supplementation Fund Regulations 200115 Jun 2001 p. 2977PDFWordHTML
Energy Coordination (Licensing Fees) Regulations 199915 Oct 1999 p. 4867-9PDFWordHTML
Energy Operators (Western Power Corporation) (Charges) By-laws 199625 Jun 1996 p. 2875-98PDFWordHTML
Environmental Protection (Controlled Waste) Regulations 200130 Mar 2001 p. 1831-79PDFWordHTML
Environmental Protection (Goldfields Residential Areas) (Sulphur Dioxide) Regulations 199229 Jan 1993 p. 875-7PDFWordHTML
Environmental Protection (Liquid Waste) Regulations 19967 Jun 1996 p. 2335-70PDFWordHTML
Environmental Protection (NEPM - UPM) Regulations 200323 Jul 2003 p. 3157-73PDFWordHTML
Environmental Protection (NEPM-UPM) Regulations 200727 Apr 2007 p. 1793-812PDFWordHTML
Enzootic Diseases Regulations 197024 Jun 1970 p. 1784-819PDFWordHTML
Esperance Port Authority (Debentures and Inscribed Stock) Regulations 196917 Dec 1969 p. 4113-25PDFWordHTML
Esperance Port Authority Regulations 196911 Mar 1969 p. 785-841PDFWordHTML
Evidence (Witnesses' and Interpreters' Fees and Expenses) Regulations 197619 Mar 1976 p. 801-3PDFWordHTML
Exotic Diseases (Emergency Powers) Regulations24 Jun 1970 p. 1820-3PDFWordHTML
Exotic Diseases (General) Regulations 197024 Jun 1970 p. 1824-9PDFWordHTML
Explosives and Dangerous Goods (Authorised Explosives) Order 200017 Oct 2000 p. 5771-87PDFWordHTML
Explosives and Dangerous Goods (Authorized Explosives) Order 19998 Jun 1999 p. 2508-23PDFWordHTML
Explosives and Dangerous Goods (Dangerous Goods Handling and Storage) Regulations 19923 Jul 1992 p. 2997-3075PDFWordHTML
Explosives and Dangerous Goods (Explosives) Regulations 196310 Dec 1963 p. 3781-828PDFWordHTML
Explosives and Dangerous Goods Act (Search Warrant) Regulations 197931 Aug 1979 p. 2674PDFWordHTML
Explosives Regulations 196310 Dec 1963 p. 3781-828PDFWordHTML