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 Publishing Details for Christmas 2019
and New Year Holiday Period 2020 
Publishing Dates and Times

Tuesday, 24 December 2019 at 12 noon
Tuesday, 31 December 2019 at 12 noon
Closing Dates and Times for copy

Friday, 20 December 2019 at 12 noon
Friday, 27 December 2019 at 12 noon

The Government Gazette will NOT be published on

Friday, 27 December 2019
Friday, 3 January 2020

The next edition will be published on Tuesday 7 January 2020 and copy will close 12 noon Friday 3 January 2020
State Law Publisher is the editor and publisher of the Government Gazette and is the lodgement point for the advertising of statutory and other notices. The Gazette is published at 12:00 noon on Tuesday and Friday of each week and Special Gazettes are published on an ad-hoc, as and when required basis.
About the Gazette
The Western Australian Government Gazette (the Gazette), including the General and Special Gazettes, contain the formal public notices that are required by law and Government authority to be published in the Gazette.

The types of notices that may be accepted for publication include official publications required under enactments such as Acts, regulations, rules and by laws, and may include instruments such as notices, orders and proclamations. These may be received from Government House, Government departments, statutory office holders, Office of Parliamentary Counsel, Government Trading Enterprises (GTE’s), Local Government and the private sector.
The following is required for notices lodged for publication in the Government Gazette:
Notices drafted by Parliamentary Counsel's Office
  • A letter authorising the publication of the notice.
  • A PDF attachment of the Executive Council Certificate (if supplied).
  • A PDF attachment of the notice (signed if applicable) to be gazetted.
For all other notices
  • A PDF attachment (signed if applicable) of the notice to be gazetted.
  • An MS Word file of the notice that mirrors the text of the PDF notice.
  • A letter authorising the publication of the notice.
  • Copy must be received by 12 noon Wednesday for inclusion in the Government Gazette published on the following Friday, or 12 noon Friday for inclusion in the Government Gazette published on the following Tuesday.
  • If alterations to these times occur because of public holidays etc, notices highlighting these changes will appear (in advance) on page 2 of any General Government Gazette.
  • Any notices or material lodged for publication must be accompanied with a formal request and be authorised by a person having the authority to request publication.
  • Signatures must have the name clearly printed and adjacent to it.
  • Advertising rates are published on page 2 of any General Government Gazette.
  • Lengthy or complicated notices should be forwarded early to allow for preparation. Failure to observe this request could result in the notice being held over.
Payment is also required by visa/master card for non-account holders. For account holders, invoices are only generated when the price exceeds $100.00 and terms are strictly 30 days.
Send all electronic copy to slp@dpc.wa.gov.au.
For all advertising enquiries and to make payment with your Credit Card, please phone the Publications Officer on (08) 6552 6012.
Obtaining Copies
Individual copies can be purchased from the State Law Publisher.
Gazettes are also posted on our website at the time of publishing and are freely available for viewing or downloading.
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