Ordering Information
Please note that the State Law Publisher staff cannot provide legal advice or interpretation of legislation. Clients should seek legal advice for their queries.
Ordering Options
Due to online purchasing compliance requirements, the online ordering service has been discontinued. Orders for publications can be placed by phone/email or mail. Contact details where orders can be placed are provided below.
  • The complete hardcopy legislation price list can be downloaded HERE

  • Phone Orders
    Orders can also be placed by telephone or by facsimile. Contact numbers are
    Phone: 08 6552 6000  
    Staff are on hand to advise on prices and availability of the various publications and services available.
    Office Hours: Monday - Friday 8:30AM to 4:30PM

  • Email Orders
    Email orders are also accepted and can be sent to sales@dpc.wa.gov.au
    (Credit Card details should NOT be included in email orders)

Payment Options
Clients should make initial enquiries regarding cost of items and postage, as payment is required prior to despatch.

Payment for publications can be made by credit card or if you have an established account, an invoice can be issued for orders in excess of $100.00
  1. The State Law Publisher reserves the right to alter prices without prior notification

  2. This web site may show only the Acts and Regulations held for sale by State Law Publisher, and does not reflect all legislation in force at the time of production. Customers are urged to refer to the Information Tables for a more comprehensive list of legislation and amending legislation.

  3. The onus remains with the customer to ensure that any legislation purchased from State Law Publisher contains all amending legislation. State Law Publisher does not accept any responsibility for the non-inclusion of amendments or affecting legislation.

  4. Prices of legislation may vary when the new amendments are added or when a consolidation of the principal with amendments is carried out under the "Reprints Act 1984"

  5. Postage is not included in prices shown online.

  6. Refund Policy

  7. Items incorrectly purchased (other than subscriptions and bound volumes) may be returned for credit only if returned immediately. It is important that clients contact our Sales section as soon as possible to verify if credit is allowed. If a delay occurs the claim may be disallowed.
    A receipt or invoice must be supplied to verify proof of purchase.
    If legislation has been amended or reprinted since the purchase took place, it cannot be returned for refund irrespective of the time lapse between purchase and returning for refund.
    State Law Publisher may charge a fee to cover the cost involved in returning stock and reserver the right to refuse a claim if it is deemed to be unreasonable.
    No refunds will be paid in relation to subscriptions for periodic delivery of publications where such subscriptions are cancelled by the client prior to the expiry of the subscription period.