Agriculture and Related Resources Protection (Property Quarantine) Regulations 1981

11/Nov/1998 - Current (at 31 Dec 2005)
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    9. Exemption from quarantine

    (1) The Protection Board may by notice published

    (a) in the Gazette; and

    (b) at least twice in a newspaper circulating generally in the area where the quarantined land to which the notice relates is situated, so that an interval of at least a week is allowed to elapse between each such publication,

    generally exempt persons from such of the requirements of a property quarantine notice or a notice under regulation 10 as may be specified in the notice of exemption, and in the notice may specify a time or times during which, and conditions subject to which, the exemption shall apply.

    (2) The Protection Board may, by a subsequent notice published in accordance with subregulation (1), vary or revoke a notice under subregulation (1) which shall thereupon have effect as so varied, or cease to have effect, as the case may be.

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