Adoption Regulations 1995
Part 7-Contact and mediation licensees

    61. How to apply for licence

    An application for a licence is to be made to the Director-General in a form approved by the Director-General and is to be accompanied by

    (a) either

    (i) a copy of a document which is evidence of the applicant's tertiary qualification in social work or psychology; or

    (ii) a statutory declaration of a person (who the Director-General thinks is appropriate) to the effect that

    (I) the applicant has had at least 2 years' full-time counselling experience in relation to adoption with such individual or body as is specified in the declaration; and

    (II) the counselling was of a high quality and conducted in a manner consistent with any code of practice in effect at the time of the application;

    (b) a certificate of completion of a training course in relation to providing services where the course has been approved by the Director-General;

    (c) police certificate evidence to establish that the applicant has not been convicted, within the 10 year period immediately before the application is made

    (i) of an offence against the law of any State or a Territory or of the Commonwealth; or

    (ii) of an offence against the law of any overseas country where the applicant lived within that period, but only if specifically requested by the Director-General;

    (d) the names and contact details of 3 persons, 2 of whom are to provide references in relation to the applicant's professional capabilities and conduct and the other of whom is to provide a character reference in relation to the applicant;

    (e) details as to each address from which the applicant intends to conduct services;

    (f) evidence as to the arrangements that the applicant has made to ensure the security and confidentiality of records in relation to services; and

    (g) any other information relating to the applicant that may be required by the Director-General for making a decision in relation to the application.

    [Regulation 61 amended in Gazette 20 May 2003 p. 1793.]

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