Aboriginal Heritage Regulations 1974

    6. Offences

    Whilst on any land to which these regulations apply a person who

    (a) fails to obey any reasonable direction of the Minister, the Registrar, or any officer of the Department or a warden;

    (b) wilfully obstructs the Minister, the Registrar, or any officer of the Department or a warden in the execution of his duty, or fails or refuses to state his name and address when lawfully required to do so, or states a false name or address, or fails or refuses to leave that land when required to do so;

    (c) behaves in a disorderly manner, or uses violent or abusive or offensive language, or creates or takes part in any disturbance, or causes a nuisance, or wilfully disturbs or annoys any other person in the proper use of that land, or permits any animal belonging to him or under his control to enter upon or cause damage to any land; or

    (d) without the consent of the Minister or the Registrar, handles, marks, defaces, moves, disturbs, uncovers, damages, destroys, or removes any specimen, relic, artifact, inscription, arrangement, or other object or exhibit in the possession or care of the Minister, or wilfully disturbs the general surrounding environment,

    commits an offence.

    [Regulation 6 amended in Gazette 30 Jun 1995 p. 2784.]

Note: This is not an authorised version. The only authorised version is the hardcopy (printed) version published under authority of the Government Printer, available from the State Law Publisher, 10 William St Perth W.A. 6000.