Settlement Agents Supervisory Board (Elections) Regulations 1982

    3. Elections

    (1) Subject to subregulation (2) an election of persons to hold office as elective members, or elective deputy members, of the Board shall be held as and whenever necessary.

    (2) Where more than one member or deputy member is required to be elected one election may be held at that time for the election of persons to be nominated for appointment to the respective offices by the Governor.

    (3) Prior to or upon a member or deputy member ceasing to hold office, the chairman of the Board shall direct the Returning Officer to issue a notice in the form of Form 1 in the Appendix, to be published in the Gazette and in a newspaper circulating generally in the State, appointing a date and time for lodging nominations and a date and time for the closing of the poll to be taken at the election.

    (4) The nomination day appointed by any notice published pursuant to subregulation (3) shall not be less than 30 days after the date upon which the notice is published in the Gazette, and the day appointed for the holding of the election and the closing of the poll at such election shall not be less than 14 nor more than 30 days after the nomination day.

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