Health (Temporary Sanitary Conveniences) Regulations 1997
Part 2-Standard and construction of temporary toilets

12/Mar/2004 - Current (at 31 Dec 2005)
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    8. Construction of toilets for lifting

    (1) In this regulation

    }the formula~ means the formula specified in clause of the standard;

    }the standard~ means the standard designated AS 1418.1 1994, as from time to time amended and for the time being in force, published by the Standards Association of Australia 2.

    (2) A temporary toilet is to be able to safely withstand an increased weight during lifting of the toilet and all its equipment including any storage tank at full capacity.

    (3) Subject to subregulation (4), the increased weight during lifting of a toilet is to be calculated in accordance with the formula.

    (4) If the dynamic multiplier for hoisting referred to in the formula is determined under the standard to be a value less than 1.8, that value is taken to be 1.8.

    (5) A temporary toilet is to be fitted with suitable lifting loops or points to facilitate the loading of the temporary toilet onto and off a delivery vehicle.

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