Health (Skin Penetration Procedure) Regulations 1998

11/Nov/1998 - Current (at 31 Dec 2005)
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    3. Interpretation

    In these regulations, unless the context otherwise requires

    }client~ means a person on whom a skin penetration procedure is being, or is to be carried out, whether or not for fee, gain or reward;

    }dentist~ means a person registered as a dentist under the Dental Act 1939;

    }establishment~ means a premises or place or a portion of a premises or place where a skin penetration procedure is, or is intended to be, carried out in the ordinary course of a practice;

    }medical practitioner~ means a person who is registered under the Medical Act 1894;

    }operator~ means a person who carries out or intends to carry out a skin penetration procedure;

    }owner~, in relation to an establishment, means

    (a) the owner of the establishment; or

    (b) if the owner is not the occupier of the establishment the occupier;

    }skin penetration procedure~ means a procedure in which

    (a) the skin is cut, punctured, torn or shaved; or

    (b) mucous membrane is cut, punctured or torn.

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