Harvey Waroona and Collie River Irrigation Districts By-laws 1975

    11. Pipe and pump supplies

    (1) Where it is possible to supply land whether or not the land is in a district with water by means of works without any other service being rendered by it, the Corporation may supply water through any works for the purpose of enabling an occupier of land to take water from the works by pumping or other means.

    (2) An occupier who desires to take water supplied through a work under sub-bylaw (1) shall apply to the Corporation in the form of Form 2 giving the particulars required by the form.

    (3) Where the Corporation approves of an application made under sub-bylaw (2) the occupier shall not take any water from the works other than at the times appointed and in the manner approved by the Corporation.

    (4) An occupier who applies to take water under this by-law is liable to pay the costs of any works constructed by the Corporation for the purpose of supplying water to his land and a capitalised maintenance charge determined by the Corporation.

    (5) An occupier who desires to be supplied with water pursuant to this by-law shall at the commencement of each rating year apply to the Corporation in the form of Form 1.

    (6) An application made under sub-bylaw (5) shall be lodged with the District Officer at the office of the Corporation in the district from which the water is supplied.

    [By-law 11 amended in Gazette 19 Jul 1985 p. 2503 and 2504; 14 Jul 1987 p. 2656; 29 Dec 1995 p. 6317.]

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