Health (Rottnest Island) By-Laws 1989
Part 4-Waste water

11/Nov/1998 - Current (at 31 Dec 2005)
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    23. Removal of liquid waste

    A person who undertakes the collection and removal of liquid waste from a septic tank apparatus for the bacteriolytic treatment of sewage shall

    (a) remove the entire contents of the septic tanks, wash down the walls and base of such tanks and thoroughly wash out square junctions in the tanks;

    (b) where leach drains or soak wells are provided as receptacles for drainage, completely empty the leach drains or soak wells and thoroughly wash out all crevices between segments with a high pressure jet of water or by using approved methods for restoring the satisfactory function of such leach drain or soak well;

    (c) cause the bottom of soak wells or leach drains to be emptied to the level of the bottom of the first course of segments and the soil on the bottom of such wells or drains to be completely turned over;

    (d) report to the Authority any defective drain which cannot be thoroughly cleaned or any broken lids, square junctions or pipework, or any collapsed soak wells or leach drains;

    (e) replace all lids so that the inspection openings are positioned over the inlet and outlet of septic tanks and soak wells;

    (f) completely seal the lids of all septic tanks, the halving joint of soak wells, and exposed joints of standard leach drains with a mortar mix not less than 1:6 (cement:sand);

    (g) minimize disturbance to the premises and restore them as nearly as is practicable to the original condition; and

    (h) not permit the pump out of waste water from any one tank, soak well or leach drain to the exclusion of other septic tanks, soak wells or leach drains situated on the same premises and connected to the same apparatus for bacteriolytic treatment of sewage unless permitted to do so by a health surveyor.

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