Alcohol and Drug Authority Regulations 1990

    2. Prohibition notice

    (1) The chief executive officer of the Authority may, by notice in writing (}a prohibition notice~) served on a person, prohibit the person from entering or remaining in such Centres as are specified in the notice.

    (2) A prohibition notice remains in force until it is revoked in writing by the chief executive officer.

    (3) While a prohibition notice remains in force, a police officer, an officer or employee of the Authority, or a person authorised by the Authority for the purposes of this regulation, may with the use of reasonable force exclude or remove the person who is the subject of the notice from a Centre specified in the notice or have the person so excluded or removed.

    (4) A person who is the subject of a prohibition notice shall not enter or remain in a Centre specified in the notice while the notice is in force.

    Penalty: $40.

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