Argentine Ant Regulations

10/Dec/1999 - Current (at 31 Dec 2005)
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    4. Owners and occupiers of premises

    (1) Subject to the provisions of these regulations, the owner and occupier of premises are hereby jointly and severally empowered and required to free the premises and keep them free of ants by

    (a) freeing the premises and keeping them free of refuse, garbage, rank vegetation and litter whether of the same or different kind from the foregoing, in which ants are present or are likely to be present, or which is conducive or likely to be conducive to the presence of ants; and

    (b) using such sprays and baits and carrying out such control measures as are for the time being approved by the Minister.

    (2) The Minister may at any time and from time to time give notice in writing to the owner or occupier of any premises of intention to enter upon the premises for the purpose of eradicating and destroying ants thereon.

    (3) The notice may require the owner or occupier, within a time to be specified in the notice, to

    (a) remove from ground level any accumulations of refuse, timber or other material or thing whatsoever which harbours or may provide harbourage for ants; and

    (b) remove from ground level and from fences to a distance of three feet from the boundary line of the premises any vegetative material or thing whatsoever, but not including any building, structure or portion thereof which may hinder the application of insecticides for the eradication of ants.

    (4) A notice referred to in this regulation may, in lieu of or in addition to either or both of the requirements mentioned in subregulation (3)(a) and (b), require the owners or occupiers of premises within the area to remove from their premises or suitably confine stock or other animals which are kept on the premises and are likely or liable to be adversely affected by the spraying or the spray material.

    (5) A person shall not fail to comply with the provisions of a notice given to him under this regulation.

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