Stock (Identification and Movement) Regulations 1972

    20H. Application for and issue of identification exemption certificates

    (1) If the proprietor of stock applies for an identification exemption certificate under section 36A(1) of the Act, the proprietor shall include with the application evidence that the proprietor intends to export the stock from Australia.

    (2) The Registrar shall issue an identification exemption certificate to an applicant only if satisfied that the applicant intends to export the stock.

    (3) A proprietor of stock to whom an identification exemption certificate is issued shall retain the certificate for a period of 3 years.

    (4) If stock specified in an identification exemption certificate are not going to be exported before the certificate expires, the proprietor of the stock may re-apply under section 36A(1) of the Act

    (a) if the application is made not less than 21 days before the certificate expires; and

    (b) if evidence referred to in subregulation (1) is included with the application.

    (5) In subregulation (1), }evidence~ includes a written contract, or a copy of a written contract, entered into by the proprietor of the stock for the stock to be exported from Australia.

    [Regulation 20H inserted in Gazette 2 May 1995 p. 1659-60; amended in Gazette 10 Mar 2000 p. 1120.]

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