Environmental Protection (Abrasive Blasting) Regulations 1998

    7. Abrasive blasting in or near aquatic environments

    (1) This regulation only applies to abrasive blasting operations which involve the use or removal of organotin or other heavy metal protective coatings.

    (2) An operator must not carry on abrasive blasting in or near an aquatic environment unless the size, shape, position or location of the object being blasted makes it impracticable to move the object out of, or away from, that environment.

    (3) An operator carrying on abrasive blasting in or near an aquatic environment must ensure that all water which may contain waste material is drained into, and contained in, an impervious holding sump until it is disposed of in accordance with regulation 8.

    (4) An operator must ensure that

    (a) any overflow from the holding sump will drain into a soakwell; and

    (b) the holding sump and soakwell are emptied as often as necessary to ensure their efficient operation.

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