Sewerage (Lighting Ventilation and Construction) Regulations 1971

    6. Location of entrances to sanitary conveniences

    (1) Subject to this regulation, a sanitary convenience shall not have an entrance opening from

    (a) an habitable room;

    (b) a room used for the manufacture or storage of food for human consumption; or

    (c) a room used as a factory workshop or work place,

    except through an airlock that conforms to the requirements of regulation 7(2).

    (2) Where a sanitary convenience in a building

    (a) consists of a water closet apartment;

    (b) is intended to be used by not more than 2 persons;

    (c) opens off a bedroom or dressing room normally occupied only by those 2 persons;

    (d) has its ventilation so arranged that the supply of air circulating through the sanitary convenience is not discharged into the room on which it opens; and

    (e) unless the local authority otherwise authorises, is fitted with a door that has an approved self-closing device,

    the sanitary convenience may have an entrance opening directly from the bedroom or dressing room.

    (3) A sanitary convenience in a private residence is not required to have an airlock if the sanitary convenience opens on to a hall, passage, lobby or staircase that

    (a) has a floor area of not less than 1.85 square metres;

    (b) is provided with ceiling ventilation that in the opinion of the local authority provides sufficient ventilation; and

    (c) otherwise conforms to these regulations.

    (4) A sanitary convenience that is ventilated by mechanical ventilation that conforms to these regulations is not required to have an airlock.

    [Regulation 6 inserted in Gazette 16 Nov 1973 p. 4221-2.]

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