Agriculture and Related Resources Protection (Interference with Experiments) Regulations 1980

    3. Experimental areas

    (1) The Protection Board may, by notice, designate as an experimental area a location or reserve that is to be used for the purposes of conducting experiments on or in relation to declared plants or declared animals, and may, by subsequent notice, revoke any such notice.

    (2) A notice under subregulation (1) designating a location or reserve as an experimental area

    (a) shall specify

    (i) the situation and extent and, where practicable, the boundaries and size of the experimental area;

    (ii) the nature of experiments to be conducted thereon;

    (iii) the declared plants or declared animals in respect of which experiments are to be conducted thereon; and

    (iv) the day on and from which the notice takes and has effect;

    (b) shall be published in the Government Gazette and a newspaper circulating in the part of the State in which the location or reserve to which the notice relates is situated; and

    (c) takes effect on and from the day specified for that purpose in the notice, being a day not before the notice is published in accordance with paragraph (b), and continues to have effect until revoked.

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