Harvey Waroona and Collie River Irrigation Districts By-laws 1975

    6B. Corporation may approve arrangement for relinquishment of quantity entitlement

    (1) The Corporation may approve an arrangement under which an occupier agrees with another occupier (}the second occupier~) to relinquish an entitlement to the supply of a quantity of water under the annual district allocation so that the second occupier may be supplied with that quantity of water in addition to the quantity of water to which the second occupier is otherwise entitled.

    (2) An application for approval under sub-bylaw (1) shall be

    (a) in a form approved by the Corporation; and

    (b) accompanied by an application fee of $50.00.

    (3) The charge for water supplied as a consequence of an arrangement approved under sub-bylaw (1) is the charge set out in item 1(a) or (b), as appropriate, of Schedule 5 Division 3 to the Water Agencies (Charges) By-laws 1987.

    [By-law 6B inserted in Gazette 21 May 1996 p. 2140; amended in Gazette 29 Jun 2001 p. 3238.]

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