Settlement Agents Supervisory Board (Elections) Regulations 1982

    5. The voters list

    (1) The Registrar of the Board shall prepare and transmit to the Returning Officer, so as to reach him not later than noon on the day appointed for the receipt of nominations, a list of such of the persons licensed under the Act as were, 14 days prior to that day, eligible to exercise a vote.

    (2) The list prepared and transmitted pursuant to subregulation (1) shall

    (a) set out the full names and registered address of each voter included therein, and where that voter is the representative for the purposes of these regulations of a firm or body corporate licensed under the Act, that firm or body corporate; and

    (b) be certified as being true and correct by the Registrar of the Board.

    (3) Any natural person licensed pursuant to section 27 is eligible to exercise a vote under these regulations, and shall be included on the list of voters.

    (4) Where a firm licensed pursuant to section 28 or a body corporate licensed pursuant to section 29 is desirous of exercising a vote under these regulations that firm or body corporate shall from time to time

    (a) in the case of a firm, by writing under the hand of the natural persons and the seal of the bodies corporate together comprising a majority of the persons constituting that firm;

    (b) in the case of a body corporate, by writing under the seal of that body corporate,

    appoint a representative being a natural person licensed under the Act who is a person concerned in the management of the business of that firm or body corporate, and on the Registrar of the Board being notified accordingly, the Registrar shall include the name of that representative on the list of voters as the representative for the time being of the firm or body corporate by which he is appointed and that person shall thereupon be eligible to exercise a vote under these regulations in that capacity.

    (5) The exercise of a right to vote under these regulations is not compulsory.

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