Artificial Breeding (Sheep) Regulations 1983

    7. Semen not from licensed premises

    Semen not certified as being introduced directly from a property or premises licensed under legislation controlling artificial breeding in the State or Territory of origin may be used

    (a) only on sheep in Western Australia owned by the person to whom the semen is consigned, unless otherwise approved by the Chief Veterinary Officer; and

    (b) in the case of semen from British breed or Poll Dorset rams when the semen is accompanied by a certificate from the District Veterinary Officer for the district of the State or Territory from which the semen is being directly introduced that each donor ram was either

    (i) derived from an accredited brucellosis free flock; or

    (ii) isolated for 30 days and subject to the complement fixation test for Brucella ovis with negative results prior to the collection and processing of the semen in the consignment.

    [Regulation 7 inserted in Gazette 12 August 1983 pp.2955-6.]

Note: This is not an authorised version. The only authorised version is the hardcopy (printed) version published under authority of the Government Printer, available from the State Law Publisher, 10 William St Perth W.A. 6000.