Hospitals (Services Charges) Regulations 1984

    6. Classes of patients for purpose of services

    For the purpose of a service provided in respect of him by, in or at a hospital, a patient shall be classified as

    (a) an in-patient;

    (b) a day patient, namely, a person who receives treatment at a day hospital;

    (c) an out-patient, namely, a person

    (i) who attends at a hospital and receives treatment or goods under an out-patient service provided by the hospital; or

    (ii) in respect of whom a hospital provides a service elsewhere than at the hospital;


    (d) a same day patient, namely, a person who is admitted to and discharged from a hospital, not being a day hospital, nursing home or a nursing post, between midnight on one day and midnight on the next succeeding day for the purpose of receiving treatment.

    [Regulation 6 amended in Gazette 9 Jul 1993 p. 3337.]

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