Adoption Regulations 1995
Part 2-Private adoption agencies

    9. Issuing and renewing licences

    The Minister may issue or renew a licence but is not to do so if it appears to the Minister that the applicant

    (a) is not or is no longer a person to which regulation 7 applies;

    (b) is not or is no longer a suitable person to conduct adoption services having regard to

    (i) the qualifications;

    (ii) the experience;

    (iii) the character; or

    (iv) the availability,

    of any person, who, if the licence were to be issued or renewed, would take part in the management or control of the applicant or conduct adoption services on behalf of the applicant;

    (ba) has contravened, or failed to comply with

    (i) a provision of the Act; or

    (ii) the terms of the licence or a condition or restriction attached to it;

    (c) is, and is likely to be, a party to negotiations or an agreement for the establishment of adoption arrangements with a representative of the government of another country;

    (d) has not given an undertaking that while it holds a licence it will not enter into negotiations for the establishment of an adoption agreement with a representative of the government of another country;

    (e) does not have adequate financial resources to carry out the functions the body is authorised to perform under regulation 6;

    (f) does not have a principal officer who is a suitable person to supervise adoption arrangements undertaken by the body having regard to

    (i) his or her social science qualifications; and

    (ii) experience in adoption, substitute care or family services;

    (g) does not employ staff with appropriate qualifications to place prospective adoptees; and

    (h) does not have accommodation available for its use which

    (i) is suitable for the conduct of the functions it may perform under regulation 6; and

    (ii) does not form part of or is not adjacent to premises occupied by an association or body of persons, corporate or unincorporate, of birth parents, adoptive parents, or other participants in the adoption process,

    or on the ground of any other relevant consideration.

    [Regulation 9 amended in Gazette 3 Sep 1999 p. 4296-7; 20 May 2003 p. 1784.]

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