Sewerage (Lighting Ventilation and Construction) Regulations 1971

    3. Interpretation

    In these regulations

    }approved~ means approved by the local authority;

    }building~ means any building used as a work place, residence, place of business, place of amusement, or a place of human habitation, or used for the storage of food intended for human consumption, but does not include an outbuilding unless it is used for any of those purposes or is provided with a sanitary convenience;

    }dwellinghouse~ means a building used solely for human habitation; and also means any part of a building which is designed for use as a self-contained unit for living purposes and is used solely for human habitation;

    }external water closet~ means a closet that is not entered from and which has no opening into any building, and which is separated from any building by an area open to the sky to the extent of not less than 0.85 square metre;

    }habitable room~ means a room in which a person sleeps, eats or carries out his usual domestic or social activities, but does not include a room that is used as a laundry, bathroom, water closet, boiler room, cellar, or other room used infrequently or for short periods;

    }internal water closet~ means any water closet that is not an external water closet;

    }rate of air change~ means the measure of volume or frequency required to effect the complete replacement of the air in the area or apartment ventilated by an equal quantity of fresh air drawn from outside the building;

    }sanitary convenience~ means a water closet, urinal or slop hopper apartment, as the case may require.

    [Regulation 3 amended in Gazette 16 Nov 1973 p. 4221; 3 May 1974 p. 1438; (erratum in Gazette 14 Jun 1974 p. 1880).]

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