Hope Valley-Wattleup Redevelopment Regulations 2000

    4. Exclusions from definition of development

    (1) The following works, acts and activities are declared not to constitute development for the purposes of the definition of }development~ in section 3(1) of the Act

    (a) the erection of a sign, including a traffic control sign or device, by a public authority or a local government authority;

    (b) the erection of a sign within a building;

    (c) the carrying out of routine work by a public authority or a local government authority including routine work on

    (i) electrical power lines or cables or any building used or associated with the supply, conversion, transformation or control of electricity;

    (ii) a drain or pipe that is part of a drainage scheme under the control of the authority;

    (iii) a road, bridge or railway; or

    (iv) land (including buildings and building improvements) set aside for public use;

    (d) the carrying out of work inside a building that is not related to a change of use of any part of the building and does not alter its external appearance;

    (e) the carrying out of work for the maintenance of any building or structure if that work does not materially affect the external appearance of the building or structure; or

    (f) a home office.

    (2) In subregulation (1)(f)

    }home office~ means a home occupation limited to a business carried out solely within a dwelling by a resident of the dwelling but which does not

    (a) entail clients or customers travelling to and from the dwelling;

    (b) involve any advertising signs on the premises; or

    (c) require any external change to the appearance of the dwelling.

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