Shipping and Pilotage (Mooring Control Areas) Regulations 1983

    13. Floats on moorings, specifications for

    The float or buoy connected to a mooring shall be

    (a) of sufficient size to provide buoyancy when supporting the pennant (the chain between the mooring block and the surface float) with at least half of the mooring float projected above the water line at all times;

    (b) spherical, with a minimum diameter of 300 mm;

    (c) of a colour designated by the controlling authority, being either yellow or }day-glo~ orange;

    (d) embossed or otherwise legibly painted or marked with the mooring registration number in black characters not less than 50 mm in height and not less than 6 mm in width, positioned and maintained so that they are clearly visible.

    [Regulation 13 amended in Gazette 11 Dec 1998 p. 6651.]

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