Supreme Court (General) Rules 2005
Part 2-Recording proceedings

    8. Recorders and transcribers, duties of

    (1) In this rule a reference to recording proceedings or to transcribing records of proceedings includes a reference to copying a record or transcript of proceedings.

    (2) A person who records proceedings or who transcribes records of proceedings or who checks the accuracy of transcripts of proceedings is, while doing so, an officer of the court and must obey any directions of a judge or a registrar in respect of those activities.

    (3) A person who records proceedings must

    (a) before the proceedings commence, check that the recording equipment is working properly;

    (b) during the proceedings, monitor the recording equipment and ensure that an accurate record is made; and

    (c) identify the record.

    (4) A person who transcribes a record of proceedings must

    (a) enter in a register the identification of the record;

    (b) accurately transcribe the record into written English; and

    (c) include on each page of the transcript information to identify the proceedings and the speakers and any other matter directed by a registrar.

    (5) A person who checks a transcript, or who copies a record or transcript, of proceedings must

    (a) ensure that the transcript is an accurate transcription of the record, or that the copy is an accurate copy, as the case requires; and

    (b) having done so, certify that it is accurate.

    (6) A person who records, copies, transcribes or checks the accuracy of transcripts of proceedings must at all times ensure the safe custody of the record of the proceedings.

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