Armadale Redevelopment Regulations 2003

29/Aug/2003 - Current (at 31 Dec 2005)
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    5. Plans

    (1) All plans accompanying an application for approval referred to in section 46(1) of the Act, other than a plan to which subregulation (4)(b) refers

    (a) are to be drawn on a white background;

    (b) are to be drawn to a scale generally not smaller than 1:500; and

    (c) are clearly to illustrate the proposed development in respect of which the application is made.

    (2) All measurements used on a plan are to be in the metric system.

    (3) A plan, other than a plan to which subregulation (4)(b) refers, is to include

    (a) the location and proposed use of any existing buildings and out buildings to be retained and the location and use of buildings proposed to be erected or demolished on the land;

    (b) the existing and proposed means of access for pedestrians and vehicles to and from the land;

    (c) the location, number, dimension and layout of all car parking spaces intended to be provided;

    (d) the location and dimensions of any area proposed to be provided for the loading and unloading of vehicles carrying goods or commodities to and from the land and the means of access to and from those areas;

    (e) the location, dimensions, design and particulars of the manner in which it is proposed to develop any landscaped area, including the retention of existing trees, vegetation, fences and walls;

    (f) plans, elevations and sections of any building proposed to be erected or altered and of any building it is intended to retain, including details of materials of construction, finishes and external colour;

    (g) a statement of, or plans indicating, any impact of the proposed development on

    (i) the appearance of streets and of vegetation and buildings in streets; and

    (ii) views, privacy and overshadowing;

    (h) a statement giving details of the proposed use and operation of the proposed development; and

    (i) a statement giving details of any signs or advertising structures that are proposed to be included in the proposed development.

    (4) An application for approval referred to in section 46(1) of the Act is to be accompanied by 4 copies of

    (a) any plan to which subregulation (1) applies; and

    (b) a plan, drawn to a scale not smaller than 1:2000, that identifies the land on which the proposed development that is the subject of the application is to be undertaken.

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