Health (Food Hygiene) Regulations 1993
Part 11-Miscellaneous

11/Nov/1998 - Current (at 31 Dec 2005)
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    56. Use of certain premises when dealing with food prohibited

    (1) A proprietor must not in the sale or the preparation, packing, storing, handling, serving, supplying or conveying of food at any time use any premises, other place or vehicle

    (a) that is used as a sleeping compartment or is in direct communication with a sleeping compartment;

    (b) in which there is a bed or any bedding or that is in direct communication with a place in which there is a bed or any bedding;

    (c) that is used as a lavatory, air lock or change-room or is in direct communication with a room that contains a lavatory;

    (d) in which work or an activity is being or has been carried out that would be liable to contaminate or affect the quality of the food; or

    (e) in which there is an untrapped opening connected directly with a drain or sewer.

    (2) A proprietor must not conduct in food premises or a food vehicle a trade, business or activity of any other kind that is likely to contaminate food.

    (3) A proprietor who contravenes this regulation commits an offence.

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