Sewerage (Lighting Ventilation and Construction) Regulations 1971

    4. Water closets to be provided

    (1) Every dwellinghouse or other building shall be provided with at least one water closet of an approved type.

    (2) Every public house, restaurant, hotel, motel, boarding house, lodging house, public building or building used for public entertainment, school, shop, factory or office shall be provided with sanitary conveniences as required by or under the Health Act 1911, and the Factories and Shops Act 1963 2, or, where there is no such specific requirement in relation to any building, not being a dwellinghouse, then separate water closet accommodation for males and females shall be provided at the rate of one water closet for each 10 persons.

    (3) Every water closet or urinal shall be situated so as to be easily accessible to the occupiers of the building and so screened as to ensure privacy.

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