Sewerage (Lighting Ventilation and Construction) Regulations 1971

    5. Construction specification of sanitary conveniences

    (1) The floor of any sanitary convenience situate within a building shall be

    (a) constructed of concrete of not less than 100 millimetres thickness, or of other approved impervious materials of an approved thickness, graded as may be directed under any provision regulating the grading of floors; or

    (b) fitted with a safe of lead or other approved impervious material.

    (2) The floor of every external water closet shall be

    (a) constructed of concrete of not less than 100 millimetres thickness or of other approved impervious materials of an approved thickness; and

    (b) graded to a fall of not less than 1:48 towards the door.

    (3) Unless otherwise approved, every safe shall be drained by a separate 50 millimetre diameter pipe provided at the inlet with a brass grating and at the outlet into the open air with a flap valve of brass or other approved metal and the pipe shall not connect with any waste pipe, soil pipe, drain or sewer.

    (4) (a) Every cistern supplied with water shall have an overflow pipe of adequate size discharging in such a position that it will not cause damage and will act as a warning pipe.

    (b) On ground floors where cisterns are fixed over impervious floors graded to drain outside the room, the overflow may discharge on to such floors if no damage is likely to arise therefrom.

    (c) If required by the local authority every existing floor under a fixture shall be regraded, and a proper discharge pipe with flap valve fixed.

    (5) (a) The door of every external water closet or urinal shall be properly screened to a continuous height of at least 1.8 metres from the ground and where necessary a screen shall be fixed to prevent the water closet or urinal being visible from overlooking windows.

    (b) Any water closet for use of females shall have a separate entrance behind such screen and that entrance shall not be within 3.6 metres from the entrance of any water closet intended for the use of males.

    (6) Water closets for different sexes shall not adjoin each other unless separated by a wall of sufficient density to blanket a sound of 37 decibels.

    (7) In wooden water closets the bottom plates and plinths shall be of approved hardwood and the frame shall be securely fastened to the floor and made rigid.

    [Regulation 5 errata in Gazette 27 Aug 1971 p. 3148; amended in Gazette 3 May 1974 p. 1438-9.]

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