System of Accounting Receipts and Disbursement of Moneys Regulations

11/Nov/1998 - Current (at 31 Dec 2005)
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    10. Manner of payment

    Payment may be made to a creditor in any of the following ways:

    (a) To the claimant in person.

    (b) To the credit of the claimant at the bank.

    (c) At the claimant's usual place of business.

    (d) By post to the claimant's private or business address.

    (e) To the legally constituted representative of the claimant.

    (f) To any person as may be especially directed by the creditor in writing.

    (g) Payment of salaries and wages must be made to principals only, excepting under exceptional circumstances, when they may be paid to the order of the creditor; such order shall before acceptance be initialled by the principal officer available at the time.

    (h) To credit of an account in the Treasury books to be styled the }Crown Law Payments-in-Suspense~ in the case of moneys payable on contract, the purchase of the resumption of land, the satisfaction of judgments and awards, the settlement of actions and costs therein, and all similar matters requiring settlement by the Law Officers of the Crown.

    (i) Upon such other conditions as the Treasurer may, in any individual case, sanction in writing.

    (j) Receipts may be accepted for the payment of moneys in the various forms as are customary between commercial houses or by the endorsement on the orders or cheques where such orders or cheques are made payable to the creditors' order.

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