State Supply Commission Regulations 1991

11/Oct/2002 - Current (at 31 Dec 2005)
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Schedule 1
[Regulation 2]
Public authorities

Commissioner of Main Roads appointed under the Main Roads Act 1930.

Metropolitan (Perth) Passenger Transport Trust constituted under the Metropolitan (Perth) Passenger Transport Trust Act 1957.

R & I Holdings continued under the R & I Bank Act 1990 2.

Insurance Commission of Western Australia established under the Insurance Commission of Western Australia Act 1986 3.

Totalisator Agency Board constituted under the Totalisator Agency Board Betting Act 1960.

Water Authority of Western Australia constituted under the Water Authority Act 1984 4.

Western Australian Fire Brigades Board constituted under section 6 of the Fire Brigades Act 1942 5.

Western Australian Government Railways Commission constituted under the Government Railways Act 1904.

[Schedule 1 inserted in Gazette 30 Jul 1993 p. 4165; amended in Gazette 9 Feb 1996 p. 501; 14 Nov 2000 p. 6253.]

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