Uniform General By-Laws - (Section 30 Subsection 1) New Subdivisions and Re-Subdivisions

11/Nov/1998 - Current (at 31 Dec 2005)
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    3. Matters to be provided for

    In all new subdivisions and re-subdivisions, provision shall be made for the following matters:

    (a) New roads in relation to public convenience, present and prospective, and to intercommunication with neighbouring localities within and without the area;

    (b) The draining of the roads and the lands necessary in the circumstances, present and prospective, and the disposal of such drainage;

    (c) The treatment of junctions or intersections of roads, the minimum cut-off for a right-angle corner to be 30 links, or 50 links radius; provided that, for intersections or less than a right-angle, the resultant boundary from truncation shall not be less than 42,4 links, or that resulting from a 50-links radius, tangential or truncated boundaries;

    (d) The location of existing public works, and whether the district is residential, or other zoned area;

    (e) At least 100 feet reservation fronting seashore, lake sides, or banks of streams (exclusive of any road width), and no rear of any lot or lots shall abut such reservation unless expressly approved by the Board;

    (f) The size and shape of the lot in relation to the topographical features of the land (e.g., boundaries of lots at right angles or parallel to contours, and generally at right angles or radial to road frontages);

    (g) Spaces and sites for dedication to the local or other authorities for parks, recreation grounds, playgrounds, public buildings, schools, churches, memorials, or public services;

    (h) When fronting main roads, no block shall be longer than 15 chains, and where more than 10 chains in length provisions shall be made for access by pedestrians, by direct line to the nearest road or street;

    (i) The minimum of frontage for residential lots shall be 50 feet and the minimum area 6,000 square feet;

    (j) Turning space in laneways at rear of shop sites or industrial sites;

    (k) The due compliance with the lawful requirements of the Local Authority in whose district the land is situate, apart from the design of the proposed new subdivision or re-subdivision and other requirements of the Board.

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