Stock (Identification and Movement) Regulations 1972

    20. Form of waybill, and prescribed stock

    (1) For the purposes of section 46 of the Act, a document (by whatever name called) that complies with section 46 and subregulation (1a) may be used in place of a waybill referred to in that section.

    (1a) The document must contain

    (a) the full name and address, in block letters, of the proprietor and any other person for the time being having custody and control of the stock to be removed;

    (b) the full name of the person droving or carrying the stock;

    (c) the signatures of the persons referred to in paragraphs (a) and (b);

    (d) the full name of the person to whom the stock are consigned;

    (e) a distinguishing serial number;

    (f) particulars of the run or other place from which the stock are to be removed;

    (g) either

    (i) the registered brand of the owner of the stock or, if the stock is moved after being sold at a saleyard, the registered brand of the vendor of the stock; or

    (ii) the property identification code specified in the register in relation to that brand;

    (h) the total number of the stock;

    (i) the number of stock of each type referred to in subregulation (2);

    (j) the breed, sex and age of the stock;

    (k) except as provided in subregulation (1c), the information required to be recorded under regulation 20C relating to brands and earmarks on the stock;

    (l) if the stock are identified under Part 9 of the Enzootic Diseases Regulations 1970, the type of identification and any number on it;

    (m) the destination of the stock; and

    (n) the number plate for each vehicle (if any) in which the stock are to be carried.

    (1b) In this regulation

    }number plate~ means a number plate, identification tablet, special plate or name plate within the meaning of the Road Traffic (Licensing) Regulations 1975 or a corresponding written law of another State or a Territory.

    (1c) The information referred to in regulation 20C(2a) is not required on the document if the information

    (a) is recorded in some other document; and

    (b) is provided to an inspector on request.

    (2) The types of stock prescribed for the purposes of section 46 of the Act are cattle, sheep, swine, goats, buffalo, deer, ostriches and camelids.

    [Regulation 20 amended in Gazette 17 Jan 1986 p. 233; 2 May 1995 p. 1657; 23 Jun 1998 p. 3322; 23 Apr 2004 p. 1314; 14 Jun 2005 p. 2623-4.]

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