Stock (Identification and Movement) Regulations 1972

    12. The register

    (1) The register kept by the Registrar shall record or store the appropriate details referred to in Schedule 1 for all brands and earmarks registered under the Act.

    (2) Details recorded or stored in the register may be recorded or stored by means of a mechanical, electronic or other device, but so that the details so recorded or stored remain in the register in the form in which they were originally recorded or stored for at least 10 years and are capable of being reproduced at any time in written form in the English language.

    (3) The Registrar may amend, add to or correct the register in any manner that the Registrar considers necessary to make the register an accurate record of the details it records or stores.

    (4) The register is to be published on an internet website maintained by or for the Registrar.

    [Regulation 12 inserted in Gazette 2 May 1995 p. 1656; amended in Gazette 14 Jun 2005 p. 2622.]

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