Adoption Regulations 1995
Part 2-Private adoption agencies

    22B. Provision of other information for review of operations

    (1) The Director-General may, in writing, require a private adoption agency to provide

    (a) access to, or copies of, the documents referred to in subregulation (2);

    (b) oral information in relation to the operations of the agency, any adoption service conducted by the agency, and any document referred to in subregulation (2) or the subject matter of such a document.

    (2) The documents to which subregulation (1) applies are any of the following documents in the custody, power or control of the agency

    (a) a document that records information in relation to an adoption or proposed adoption that has been conducted by the agency;

    (b) a document that relates to the operations of the agency including financial records, management records, staff records, client records and annual and other operational reports.

    (3) The Director-General may require provision of information under subregulation (1) in such manner and form as the Director-General thinks is appropriate in each case.

    (4) A private adoption agency is to comply with a requirement under subregulation (1) within 14 days of receiving written notification of the requirement or such longer period as is stated by the Director-General in the written notification.

    (5) The Director-General is to ensure that a copy of a report prepared on behalf of the Director-General as a result of a review of the operations of a private adoption agency is provided to the agency as soon as practicable after its completion.

    [Regulation 22B inserted in Gazette 20 May 2003 p. 1785.]

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