Health (Public Buildings) Regulations 1992
Part 6-General electrical requirements

    60. Switchboards

    (1) The electricity supply to a public building shall be connected to a main switchboard within the public building.

    (2) Any distribution boards required within a public building shall be connected directly to the public building main switchboard.

    (3) A switchboard in a public building

    (a) shall not be located at or near an emergency exit or any passage leading from an emergency exit;

    (b) shall be located in an area that is properly illuminated;

    (c) shall not be accessible to the public but shall otherwise be readily accessible to persons authorised by the owner or occupier of the public building.

    (4) A switchboard in a public building shall be so designed and constructed that all wiring is enclosed in an approved case or surround and so that there is no exposure of live parts.

    (5) A switchboard in a public building shall be provided with schedules or labels to indicate clearly the function of each item of equipment mounted in the switchboard so as to define the appliance or area controlled by each subcircuit in the switchboard.

    (6) Protection devices provided in a switchboard for lighting final subcircuits, should be grouped in the switchboard separately from protection devices provided for other final subcircuits.

    (7) Where a protection device is a high rupturing capacity fuse 3 spare serviceable cartridges for each rating and for each type of fuse shall be kept at or adjacent to the switchboard in special clips or racks for ready identification and use.

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