Stock (Identification and Movement) Regulations 1972

    19. Inspector may grant permit for use of branding or earmarking equipment

    (1) An Inspector appointed under the Act may on receipt of an application in a form approved by the Registrar, from the proprietor of any stock, grant a permit for branding equipment or earmarking equipment, or branding equipment and earmarking equipment, as the case requires, to be used on a property other than the property for which the equipment is registered, subject to such limitations and conditions as the Inspector may, in writing, impose thereon.

    (2) The permit referred to in subregulation (1) is to be in a form approved by the Registrar.

    [Regulation 19 amended in Gazette 17 Jan 1986 p. 233; 2 May 1995 p. 1656-7; 14 Jun 2005
    p. 2623.]

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