Upurl Upurlila Ngurratja Incorporated By-laws
Part 6-Enforcement and proceedings

13/May/2005 - Current (at 31 Dec 2005)
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    16. Powers of Police

    A member of the Police Force may

    (a) take proceedings against any person for a breach of these by-laws;

    (b) where any person has committed or is found committing an offence against these by-laws and it appears to the Police Officer on reasonable grounds to be likely that injury to persons or damage to property will be caused by that person if left at large; apprehend and remove that person from community land;

    (c) request the name and address of any person who he believes on reasonable grounds

    (i) to be on community land, committed a breach of by-law; or

    (ii) to have, while on community land, committed a breach of by-law;

    (d) if he has reasonable cause to suspect that a prohibited substance is in any vehicle in contravention of these by-laws: stop, detain and search such vehicle and seize any deleterious substance and any receptacle containing a deleterious substance which he may find in or on the vehicle and may retain in his custody or control any property so seized until dealt with according to these by-laws;

    (e) if a prohibited substance is found in a vehicle through the exercise of the power conferred by by-law 17, seize the vehicle, search and detain it for up to maximum period of 14 days if such is considered necessary by the Police Officer, on reasonable grounds to prevent a repetition of the prescribed conduct.

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