State Energy Commission (Bearer Debenture and Inscribed Stock) Regulations 1980

21/Nov/2003 - Current (at 31 Dec 2005)
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    23. Sales and Transfers registers, and entries in the Stock Ledger

    (1) The Registrar shall maintain Sales and Transfer registers in accordance with a system approved by the Commission, in which shall be entered particulars of sales of stock to original purchasers, transmissions of stock, transfers of stock from one Registry to another, stock redeemed, stock converted, and any other transaction in respect of stock.

    (2) The registers maintained pursuant to subregulation (1) form part of the Stock Ledger.

    (3) The Registrar shall cause the Stock Ledger to be compared with the Transfers and applications to ascertain that all the business transacted has been duly and properly entered and recorded.

    (4) Upon receipt of a request, in writing, from a stockholder so to do, the Registrar may amend the Stock Ledger if he is satisfied that any stock has been inscribed incorrectly in the Stock Ledger owing to a mistake in any document but if the Registrar so requires the stockholder shall furnish a statutory declaration of the circumstances to support the request to amend the mistake.

    (5) The Registrar shall take all necessary steps to secure specimen signatures of all stockholders, and the signatures to all forms lodged at the Registry after the application for stock has been received shall be tested by comparison with the specimen signatures, but where any person is unable to sign his name instruments required for the purposes of these regulations shall be executed by him and attested in such manner as the Registrar requires.

    (6) The Registrar may, if he deems fit, forward to the stockholder a notice of dealing in a form approved by the Commission upon any application being received by the Registrar relating to stock inscribed in the name of that owner, and the Registrar shall not register the transaction until sufficient time has elapsed for a reply to be received.

    (7) All possible precautions shall be taken by the Registrar for the security of the stock to its owner and to guard against fraud or improper transactions.

    (8) No person other than the officer or officers appointed by the Auditor General to audit transactions and the Registrar and officers or agents of the Commission immediately engaged on inscribed stock business and approved by the Registrar shall have access to any books, forms or other records except in so far as may be authorised pursuant to these regulations.

    (9) Officers or agents so appointed or approved shall not divulge any information coming to their knowledge by reason of or in the course of their duties, except as may be necessary for the conduct of their duties or as required by law.

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