Health Act (Underground Water Supply) Regulations 1959

    12. Use of well subject to conditions

    The occupier of any premises shall not use the water of any well for human consumption, unless that well complies with the following conditions:

    (a) It is situated not less than 30 metres from any soak well or any other probable source of pollution.

    (b) It is lined with impervious material to a depth of 1.8 metres below the surface of the ground and such lining is carried up to a height of not less than 300 millimetres above the surface of the ground adjacent to the well.

    (c) It is covered with a tight-fitting cover that has no opening other than that essential for the insertion of a pump.

    (d) The surface of the ground immediately adjacent to the well is covered with impervious material for a distance of not less than 600 millimetres around the well in all directions and is graded with a fall away from the well.

    [Regulation 12 inserted in Gazette 20 Mar 1963 p. 890; amended in Gazette 3 May 1974 p. 1440.]

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