Agriculture and Related Resources (Declared Plants and Restricted Animals) Regulations 1982

    6. Importing restricted animals

    (1) No person shall bring into the State from elsewhere any restricted animal unless

    (a) throughout the period subsequent to the time of inspection referred to in the certificate signed by an inspector of the Department of Agriculture in the State from which it was consigned, the animal was held in a place or yard which, and the immediate surrounding area of which, was free from declared plants; and

    (b) the removal from the place of inspection was carried out by road transport or by rail.

    Penalty: $200.

    (2) If, on arrival in Western Australia, the length of wool or hair on any part of the body of a sheep, goat or other restricted animal exceeds 20 millimetres an inspector shall by notice in the form of Form 2 in the Schedule require the animal to be shorn unless he certifies in writing that he is satisfied no prohibited material is present.

    [Regulation 6 amended in Gazette 18 Oct 1991 p. 5325.]

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