Stock (Control of Hormonal Growth Promotants) Regulations 1994

12/Dec/2003 - Current (at 31 Dec 2005)
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    19. Declared untreated stock

    (1) An owner of stock who proposes to sell, or to consign for sale, any stock that are to be declared untreated with a prescribed substance at any time in the life of the stock shall

    (a) in accordance with subregulation (1a) obtain pink tags on each of which is printed

    (i) }HGP Free~;

    (ii) the property identification number of the property of origin of the stock; and

    (iii) a serial number that is unique among the pink tags for that property;

    (b) apply the tags to the stock before they are transported for sale; and

    (c) give the purchaser a declaration in the form of Form 5 except where the stock is purchased by a person at a saleyard or for immediate slaughter.

    (1a) An owner of stock shall not obtain such tags other than from

    (a) the Department; or

    (b) if authorised by the Department, another supplier.

    (1b) The Department shall not supply an owner of stock with such tags, or authorise an owner to obtain such tags from another supplier, unless the owner has supplied the Department with a signed declaration in the form of Form 4.

    (2) Where stock have been purchased by or otherwise come into the possession of an owner of stock and the owner cannot give a declaration under subregulation (1b) applicable throughout the life of the stock concerned, it shall be sufficient compliance with these regulations if the owner gives the declaration as to the stock whilst in the possession of that owner and supports the declaration with a similar declaration from each previous owner of the stock.

    (3) Where stock is consigned to a saleyard the stock agent or other person responsible for the handling and identification of stock declared untreated shall give the purchaser a signed invoice

    (a) stating the number and description of the stock;

    (b) the property identification number of the property of origin of the stock; and

    (c) stating that the stock are identified with pink tags to indicate that they are untreated stock.

    (4) Unless the contrary is indicated, a declaration as to the identification of stock as declared untreated stock remains effective for a period of 7 days after any change in the ownership of the stock.

    (5) Where an owner of stock purchases stock that is declared to be untreated stock the owner shall retain, in a place of safe custody, for a period of not less than 3 years after the date of purchase of the stock, or for such of that period as the stock remains in the possession of that owner, any original declarations made under subregulation (1)(c) or invoices provided under subregulation (3) in relation to that stock.

    [Regulation 19 amended in Gazette 23 Apr 1999 p. 1713-14.]

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